Why Strong Email Deliverability Will Increase Your Opens, Clicks and Revenue Long Term

If you’re not thinking about deliverability as part of your email marketing strategy, you should be! Without strong deliverability, your emails may not be hitting your customers’ inbox, meaning you could be missing out on potential revenue. Let's dive into why email deliverability is so important for your long term open rates and revenue growth!

What Actually is Email Deliverability?

First, let’s get to the bottom of email deliverability! It sounds scary but it’s simply your sender reputation based on email engagement. The simplest way to explain it is that it determines how often you land in your customers’ inbox and whether they see your emails or not. If you have a strong sender reputation, ISPs are more likely to trust you and give you better placement in your customers’ inbox. Building a strong sender reputation to improve your deliverability doesn’t have to be complicated! The ideal sender is sending a consistent volume of targeted emails that get high engagement on a frequent basis.

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How Good Deliverability Drives Higher Opens and Clicks

You might be thinking “if I want high open rates, shouldn’t I just email everyone on my list?” The simple answer is no. Good open rates are key to a high ROI strategy, but if no one you send to opens your emails, there isn’t much point in sending them. Sending to your most engaged subscribers (those who show intent to open your emails) will guarantee higher opens, improve inbox placement overall, and increase your opens in the long run.

Essentially, good deliverability means that you’re consistently landing in your customers’ inbox, and the surefire way of guaranteeing this is to send to subscribers who you know will probably engage with your email. Blasting your whole list is a recipe for disaster because your email could be sent to spam and hurt your sender reputation. When an ISP sees that you’re consistently sending quality emails and receiving high engagement on a regular basis, they’re more likely to place you in the customers’ primary inbox. With more inbox visibility, customers are more likely to open and click-through your email, which brings us to our next point…  

How Good Deliverability Drives More Revenue Long Term

Customers opening your email means a much higher chance of them buying from your site! Sending irrelevant emails will only cause more and more subscribers to drop off, or worse, mark your email as spam hurting your sender reputation. Email is still the most effective way to generate revenue with an average ROI of 3800% and you should leverage this as much as possible by sending good emails. Consistently sending targeted emails that are based on interests, demographics, and past purchasing behavior increases the chances of customers engaging and builds your relationship with them. Thinking about deliverability now and being strategic with your sends will generate more profit long term.

Tips and Tricks to Improve your Deliverability

Now that we’ve learned a little bit more about deliverability, let’s dive into some tips that can help you improve your sender reputation!

Use a Welcome Automation:

A welcome campaign is the first email or series of emails a new subscriber gets, triggered upon signup. Welcome emails have an average open rate of 84% so ISPs look to them to see if a subscriber wants to hear from you, which makes it a crucial time for good engagement.

Create a Winback Automation:

A winback campaign is an email or series of emails sent to a subscriber who hasn’t engaged in a set period of time. Designing a relevant campaign to winback your unengaged subscribers will increase the chances they’ll actually engage.

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Send Targeted and Relevant Email

Sending emails that are hyper-relevant and based on interests, demographics, and purchase behaviors increase the chances that customers will continue to engage. Targeted emails are shown to have 82% higher open rates than bulk blasts resulting in higher revenue.

Clean your List

Pruning out invalid and unengaged subscribers help you protect your deliverability especially in regard to the subscribers that regularly open and click your emails. With a clean list, you’re only sending emails to customers that want to hear from you and don’t risk being sent to spam.

Wrap Up

Good deliverability (and a strong sender reputation) is the foundation of a strong email strategy and results in higher email opens and revenue growth in the long run.

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