Why Hive Is Such A Uniquely Dope Place To Work

Companies claim all kinds of crazy shit to entice new teammates. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a noisy world, and they’ve got to stand out.

At Hive, we don’t need the perks, or aspirational fairy tales - our team is happy, our product is effective, and our business is growing. We’re focused, and you can feel it.

We’ve built a great team over time, by not compromising on alignment: we won’t hire unless we need help, and we’ve found awesome people that we really want to work with (and vice versa). We’re slow and deliberate, and we aren’t afraid to course correct.

So, why is Hive such a different place to work? Fundamentally, it’s the fact that our business is profitable and funded by our own revenue - we don’t have any external decision makers, and our growth introduces new opportunities to expand our team with talented individuals. In practice, this means a few things:

We only work with awesome people. We hire when we decide we want to, and we only hire people who we really want to work with. (Have you ever worked on a team that quickly hired a ton of boring people that aren’t awesome to work with because “they had to get the hires done”?)

We design our roadmap in the open, based on real customer feedback. Everyone knows why we’re building the things that we’re building and there are no surprises or “hail mary” features. We share feedback from our valued customers and use it to make sure we’re building something people want. (Have you ever worked on a project for a while just to have it scrapped because your boss’ boss changed their mind?)

We can make decisions on any timescale we want. We don’t need to raise more investor money in order to stay alive (yay infinite runway!). Our team doesn’t need to burn themselves out to get “that one next feature” done before some arbitrary deadline. We can pull a 90 degree turn tomorrow if we find a flaw in our thinking.

We’ve built the work environment and culture we want to work for. “Flexible hours” and “unlimited vacation” aren’t simply buzzwords on our careers page. We are focused and productive at work (“depositing into the trust bank”) so that we can take space to take care of ourselves and to pursue the things that make us happy outside of work whenever we need to (“withdrawing from the bank”).

We’ve got great traction right now, and an insane amount of upside still to capture. Our existing business will grow tenfold with our current product, customers and partners. That means focus is driving predictable growth - new features, markets, and tactics are icing on the cake. We get all the upsides of a healthy high-growth company without the risks or sacrifices of a pre-fit product.

In short - Hive is a unique company, built very intentionally by a team of really awesome people. We’ve got a valuable product used by thousands of happy, paying customers (and more are signing up every week). There’s no better time to join our team: learn a ton, have a huge impact, and build something that has a real impact on millions of people every day.

Check out the roles we’re currently hiring: www.hive.co/angel