Why Having A Rich, Segmented Contact List Matters

Hive’s contact enrichment and email list segmentation tools go hand in hand to help you create a powerful email marketing strategy. With Hive, you can enrich your contacts and then segment them based on a wide variety of variables, including demographic data, social actions, and e-commerce activity.

Why segment?

Though it can be tempting to email everything to everyone on your list, targeting a specific segment can increase opens, click throughs, and purchases. Sounds like a pretty easy way to increase this month’s sales numbers to me!

Here are some ways you can try segmenting your list with Hive:

  • Segment by most engaged. Email everyone above the 70th percentile for engagement to target people who are more likely to respond well to your campaigns.

  • Segment by most influential. Email everyone above the 80th percentile for influence with an exclusive offer, with the goal of having them share your product to boost your reach!

Another option you have is to send a general email update to your whole list, and then send more specific emails to the people who really engaged with that email. With Hive, you can specifically target people who clicked a link in your last two emails - making it easy to send more emails to the people who want them, and avoid annoying those who don’t!

But what do you do with the people in your list who aren’t engaging?

These people are still valuable - it’s easier to turn a past engager into a re-engager than it is to engage someone completely new, so don’t forget about them.

You can target your unengaged by filtering for users who haven’t opened an email. Email them with a specific re-engagement campaign and win them back. Offer them a coupon code or an exclusive offer to help earn back customers who would otherwise never be purchasers again.

By segmenting your list into specific subsections with Hive - from those who are really engaged, to those who engage an average amount and just need a little push, to those that need a lot more convincing to engage with you again - you can create specific campaigns that resonate with your list and drive immediate increases in sales.

Why enrich your contacts?

Building a brand with effective email marketing requires you to know specific things about your customers. But what if your email list is just names and emails?

Hive can help you pull in more information about your list like where they’re located, their gender, age, and how they engage on social media. And we only charge you for information we’re able to find! Want to learn more about how it works? Find more info on our Contact Enrichment page here and contact us if you’re interested.