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Last Minute BFCM Email Strategies to Boost Sales and Customer Engagement

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BFCM is the best opportunity for ecommerce brands to meet their annual sales goals and we have the strategies to help you get there. Let's dive in to everything from collecting the right data, to building the right automations and segmenting your list!…

Anima Hossain

How NYC event venue, Avant Gardner, adapted their email strategy to engage people better in COVID-19

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In this blog we’re sharing a story of how an event venue keeps both employees and subscribers engaged, all while protecting their sending reputation. Good deliverability depends on a consistent sending schedule and sending emails that subscribers care about. To get inspired, keep on reading!…

Sarah Schmidt

Our CX Team’s Favorite Email Marketing Resources

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We've noticed trends in the questions you've been asking and the concepts you're most interested in and wanted to share our favorite go-to resources for email marketing strategy guidance, creative content suggestions, and quick and easy trouble-shooting.…

Bridget O'Neill

5 Email Templates for Store Re-openings during COVID-19

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To help you craft these emails, we’ve rounded up some fresh email templates that will grab your customers’ attention, while sharing important rules and your brand’s plan to maintain a safe environment for both employees and customers.…

Anima Hossain

[Free Webinar] Email Marketing Best Practices: Everything You Should Set Up to Connect with Subscribers

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In these uncertain times, email is a powerful way to connect with your subscribers and build stronger customer relationships. Whether you’re new to email marketing or a seasoned pro, we’re here to help you leverage the power of email and navigate through these uncertain times together.…

Cynthia Dam

5 Email Marketing Blog Posts to Help You Engage Customers Better

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We’ve been rounding up our top blog posts for marketers who are looking to level up their email marketing strategy.…

Cynthia Dam

Our Must-Read Email Marketing Blogs for Ecommerce Brands

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These posts run through what makes a good email strategy, and they’ll help you level up your email marketing so you can connect with customers, stand out in the inbox and drive sales.…

Cynthia Dam

How You Can Use Email Automation to Increase Repeat Customers

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Email automations are a powerful way to build strong relationships with your customers, and keep them coming back.…

Michaela Angemeer

Announcing Hive's New Video Tutorials

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Hive's video tutorials walk you through the product, helping you use features to better streamline your email marketing workflow.…

Sarah Schmidt