5 Ways to Keep Your Event Attendee's Engaged During COVID-19

#Events #COVID-19

Most event companies are currently struggling to find ways to engage customers and maintain their deliverability without events. Check out our 5 best tips to keep attendees engaged during COVID-19!…

Sarah Schmidt

How the Hive Team Stayed Connected During Quarantine

#Culture #COVID-19

Covid-19 brought unprecedented change to most work places! Let's dive in to all of the ways we stayed connected while quarantining.…

Caity Irwin

3 Email Marketing Tips for Events during COVID-19

#COVID-19 #Events

Event companies are coming up with creative ways to keep fans engaged during COVID-19. With restrictions slowly starting to lift, now is a great time to rethink your email marketing strategy!…

Anima Hossain

How NYC event venue, Avant Gardner, adapted their email strategy to engage people better in COVID-19

#Events #COVID-19 #Tips & Tricks

In this blog we’re sharing a story of how an event venue keeps both employees and subscribers engaged, all while protecting their sending reputation. Good deliverability depends on a consistent sending schedule and sending emails that subscribers care about. To get inspired, keep on reading!…

Sarah Schmidt

How to Transform Your Business with Email Marketing Automation in COVID - 19 Crisis

#Email Automation #COVID-19

If you’re an email marketer, you would have realized by now that it is inevitable to have a blind eye towards the COVID-19 crisis and carry on with your regular email marketing campaign strategy.…

Annie Catherena from Email Uplers

5 Email Templates for Store Re-openings during COVID-19

#Email Design #Tips & Tricks #COVID-19

To help you craft these emails, we’ve rounded up some fresh email templates that will grab your customers’ attention, while sharing important rules and your brand’s plan to maintain a safe environment for both employees and customers.…

Anima Hossain

How We're Helping Event Brands During COVID-19

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We want to do our part to support event brands through these times. We’re offering free email marketing services to help you revamp your email marketing strategy and connect with your audience in a meaningful way.…

Jake Kulchar

Free Email Marketing Services to Help Businesses During COVID-19

#COVID-19 #Email Marketing

We’re offering free email marketing services to help you feel confident in your email marketing strategy, from what you can do if you have less bandwidth, to how you can rethink your strategy if you have more time on your hands than usual.…

Bridget O'Neill

Hive Email Marketing to Support Local Ecommerce Merchants During COVID-19 Closures

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As a small team of ten who are super passionate about the Kitchener-Waterloo community, we wanted to do our part in supporting local shops and merchants.…

Michaela Angemeer