21 Email Subject Lines to Connect with Subscribers During COVID-19

With people on their devices more than ever, it’s an important time to have relevant and timely messaging in order to better connect with subscribers. It all starts with your email subject line -  the first thing subscribers see about your email, playing a deciding factor in whether they’ll open it. To inspire your next subject line, we gathered some of the most impactful from top brands in every industry. Let’s dive in:

General Subject Lines

Across every industry, we’re seeing brands send out heartfelt and genuine emails checking in on their community. Showing subscribers you care about them is a great way to be authentic and build long term advocacy for your brand.

If you’re sharing important updates (i.e. store closures, changes to shipping timelines, etc), it’s best to directly call out the importance of your email in the subject line:

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Ecommerce Subject Lines

It’s an important time to drive online business, especially with the closure of brick and mortar stores. We’ve seen a lot of ecommerce brands (big and small) introduce sales, discounts and free shipping to encourage customers to purchase:

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Have new items or inventory you need to announce? Keep it relevant to the current landscape with a pun:

  • Aritzia: New In - Explore the Great Indoors
  • Everlane: Introducing Bundles of Comfort

Events Subject Lines

Despite it being an especially tough time for event marketers, brands have innovatively kept the essence of events alive with livestreams and virtual experiences:

  • Insomniac: Beyond’s Virtual Rave-A-Thon Begins Tonight! 🙌🏼🎶
  • Blaze Pizza: Tune in - virtually! 🍕Party with Chef Brad
  • Insomniac: Insomniac Rewind - 24/7 Live Sets from your Favorite Festivals!
  • Golf Clap: Live Stream TODAY from Country Club Disco

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It’s important to also keep fans and attendees updated with the status of shows, events that are being postponed, or rescheduled dates:

  • IMP Concerts: We’ve got your #QuarantineContent right here! And the latest show updates!
  • Up & Up Festival: We’re postponing our Troyboi event

It’s also totally okay (and probably better) to tell subscribers how they can support their favourite venues and/or artists in this time:

Wrap Up

We see this uncertain time as an opportunity to build stronger relationships with customers and long term brand advocacy. Remember to be a brand that shows you care - your subscribers are experiencing the same thing, and understand that the current landscape also affects you.

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