Announcing Hive's New Video Tutorials

This is a public service announcement: Hive now has video walk-throughs!

I was that kid in school that would ask to make video projects instead of writing a report. Majority of the time that didn’t work as an alternative BUT when it did - it was extremely rewarding. I was fluent in the prestigious Windows Movie Maker video editor and free trials of random video editors that would fill my computer with viruses. Regardless, I loved the creative process of making videos. When I found the opportunity to make videos for Hive - and by “found the opportunity”, I mean I asked if I could make videos and everyone said “yes, no one else wants to” - I was incredibly excited to get back into editing videos.

The next day, I was sitting at my desk staring blankly at Final Cut Pro X on my computer. Slowly realizing I had zero experience working with legitimate video editing software. Luckily, Cynthia (Hive’s Marketing Manager), had ample experience using Final Cut and was there to teach me how to use the program. Now it was time to decide what content I should put out and what would be the most helpful for our current and future customers.

Brainstorming Video Content

I tried putting myself in the shoes of potential customers who were curious about learning how to use Hive. During my demo calls, I noticed that people would want multiple demos with different team members to get a feel of the product. The demos were usually pretty similar, especially if nobody had any questions. For our current customers, there’s always the possibility that someone might not know about a certain Hive feature and how they could benefit from it. This got me thinking, what if I just made a video for every feature of the product, so anyone could have a demo at any time? Spoiler alert: that’s exactly what I did.

I wanted to breakdown each component of the product into short individual videos. This way if anyone wanted a refresher on a specific topic, such as managing their email campaigns, they wouldn’t have to scan a 20 minute long video trying to find that section. This led to creating 10 videos on how to get started with Hive. Once those were published, I started narrowing down our content to more specific types of customers. We currently have 3 videos specifically for Event Marketers on how to get the most out of Hive! More event specific and ecommerce specific videos are coming up so stay tuned!

Hive’s Tutorial Page Was Born

With this new video content, it was time to decide where to expose it on our website so our customers could easily find it. Cynthia created the Hive Tutorials Page, where all videos and helpful resources are linked. On the tutorials page, there are 3 sections where you can find general resources, event specific resources, or ecommerce specific resources!

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Our videos are also up on Youtube, so feel free to subscribe to the Hive Youtube channel and turn on notifications to stay in the loop! If you’re ready to learn more about using Hive, check out our Getting Started with Hive playlist.

This blog is dedicated to all my fellow anti-readers who just want to sit back, relax, and watch video tutorials.