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New From Hive: Rutter Integration, Shopify Product Block, And Pre-show Email For Events

#Product Update

Hive's new Rutter integration, and new events and ecommerce features to streamline your workflows. What could be more exciting?…

Sarah Schmidt

How To Stay Out Of Spam In 2021 As An Event Email Marketer

#Email Marketing #Events #Deliverability

You can have the best-designed emails, but if they're not landing in your fans' inbox, no one will be able to read them. Make sure you stay on your ISPs good side and never land in spam with these tips!…

Sarah Schmidt

New From Hive: Landing Pages

#Product Update

We're excited to announce our latest feature, landing pages! You can now design beautiful web pages with the same easy-to-use drag and drop editor you're already using. Let's dive in!…

Sarah Schmidt

Introducing Hive SMS Marketing

#Product Update #SMS Marketing

The secret's out, Hive has SMS! From campaigns to automations, take your marketing to the next level and drive even more revenue with Hive SMS and email.…

Sarah Schmidt

5 Ways to Keep Your Event Attendee's Engaged During COVID-19

#Events #COVID-19

Most event companies are currently struggling to find ways to engage customers and maintain their deliverability without events. Check out our 5 best tips to keep attendees engaged during COVID-19!…

Sarah Schmidt

How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Shopify Contests

#Ecommerce Email #Email Marketing

Running a contest is a great way to grow your Shopify e-commerce business! Keep reading to find out all the benefits and how you can create a contest to suit your brand's needs.…

Sarah Schmidt

Hive's Email Marketing Support Team: All the Help You Need to Grow Your Business

#Email Marketing #Culture #Ecommerce Email

Switching ESPs can feel like walking through the dark, especially if your ESP’s customer support takes days (or even weeks) to respond. With Hive’s customer support, onboarding is like walking through the best park you’ve ever walked in. Let's dive in!…

Sarah Schmidt

How NYC event venue, Avant Gardner, adapted their email strategy to engage people better in COVID-19

#Events #COVID-19 #Tips & Tricks

In this blog we’re sharing a story of how an event venue keeps both employees and subscribers engaged, all while protecting their sending reputation. Good deliverability depends on a consistent sending schedule and sending emails that subscribers care about. To get inspired, keep on reading!…

Sarah Schmidt

Announcing Hive's New Video Tutorials

#Tips & Tricks

Hive's video tutorials walk you through the product, helping you use features to better streamline your email marketing workflow.…

Sarah Schmidt