Bridget O'Neill

Customer Experience Manager at Hive. Love coffee, will spill it.


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Our CX Team’s Favorite Email Marketing Resources

#Tips & Tricks

We've noticed trends in the questions you've been asking and the concepts you're most interested in and wanted to share our favorite go-to resources for email marketing strategy guidance, creative content suggestions, and quick and easy trouble-shooting.…

Bridget O'Neill

Free Email Marketing Services to Help Businesses During COVID-19

#COVID-19 #Email Marketing

We’re offering free email marketing services to help you feel confident in your email marketing strategy, from what you can do if you have less bandwidth, to how you can rethink your strategy if you have more time on your hands than usual.…

Bridget O'Neill

Our New Customer Experience Manager’s First Few Weeks at Hive


Our new Customer Experience Manager, Bridget, shares her first few weeks at Hive, from team culture to helping customers with their email marketing!…

Bridget O'Neill