Announcing Hive’s Zapier Integration

We’re excited to announce our newest integration with Zapier, which lets you easily sync data from hundreds of apps into Hive. Zapier makes the process of integrating your marketing toolkit with Hive seamless, no development required!

How it works

Zapier gives you the ability to automatically import emails into Hive from your email collection apps. Using a Zap, you can connect Hive with Privy, MailMunch, WisePops, and more. No more manual CSV imports! 🎉

You can create Zaps that import email addresses you collect to new or previously existing segments within Hive.

This opens up some awesome automation capabilities, letting you organize your contact list and send automated emails to those segments.

Get started

To set up a Zap between Hive and your email collection tool, accept the invite to use Zapier with Hive here. To get a step by step walkthrough, check out this FAQ: How do I integrate Zapier with Hive?