9 Email Marketing Blogs You Need To Be Reading As An Events Email Marketer

As an event marketer, you know the importance of email and SMS marketing for keeping fans engaged, and getting them to your shows. But if you’re just starting out, it can be overwhelming building your email strategy from scratch. With the strategies in the blogs below, you’ll be covered at every step of your email marketing journey with the tools to maximize engagement and drive higher ticket sales for your next show. Let’s dive in!

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Build your deliverability strategy

Before you even send your first email, you need to think about your deliverability strategy. Quick refresher: deliverability is your sender reputation given to you by your ISP and what determines whether your emails are landing in your subscribers’ inbox. What’s the point of designing beautiful emails if your subscribers aren’t even seeing them right? Use the strategies in the 2 blogs below to build your deliverability strategy and set up your subdomain before you send your first email.

  1. Why You Need To Focus on Email Deliverability To Ticket Sales For Your Next Event
  2. Why You Need To Be Using Subdomains As An Events Email Marketer

Building your list

Now that you’ve set yourself up to successfully land in your subscribers’ inboxes, it’s time to start building your list. The more fans you have signed up for your list, the more people see your emails, and the more ticket sales you will drive.

  1. 3 Strategies To Grow Your Email And SMS List
  2. How To Grow Your Events SMS List And Sell More Tickets

Segmenting your list

The last thing you should be doing as an email marketer is mass-blasting your list. Not only will you see drop off because no one likes being spammed with irrelevant emails, but even worse, you might find yourself in the spam folder and hurt your deliverability in the long run.

  1. 6 Must Have Segments For Events Email Marketing

Setting up automations

You have a list to send emails too, but what should you be sending? You can set up one off campaigns but to get the most out of your email and SMS marketing, you need to have automations set up. They’re triggered based on specific actions and are hyper-relevant to your subscribers’ current needs. Without them, you’re missing out on the opportunity to engage fans at crucial points in the subscribers’ journey with your brand.

  1. 2 Email Automations You Need To Set Up Before Your Next Event
  2. 3 Must Have Email And SMS Automations For Event Email Marketers

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Designing your email

Who doesn’t love a beautiful email? If you’re not thinking about your email design, you’re not taking every opportunity to maximize engagement, build stronger customer relationships, or drive revenue.

  1. 4 Event Email And SMS Templates To Drive Ticket Sales

Choosing your subject lines

Subject lines are the first impression subscribers’ have of your email in their inbox and 33% of subscribers’ open emails based on subject lines alone. Make sure to choose your subject lines wisely, because they can make or break the effectiveness of your next campaign!

  1. 30 Event Subject Lines To Drive Higher Ticket Sales For Your Next Show

Wrap up

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to building your email and SMS campaign. But with the strategies in these blogs, you’ll be covered every step of the way!

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