6 Email Templates That Will Warm You Up for Summer

Summer is here, which means fun new clothing lines and a summer sale or two! To get you inspired when crafting summer email campaigns with all your store has in store, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite templates. Check them out for best practices and designs to aspire to.

1. Deus: New Summer Arrivals

We’re loving Deus’ mix of editorial style and clear CTAs for their summer sale, a gift with minimum purchase, and an upcoming store event. They take being a lifestyle brand to the next level with a eye catching design and content that their subscribers care about.

Tip: Take into account your average order value (AOV) when creating a deal for a gift with minimum purchase - by making the minimum above your AOV, you can incentivize larger purchases.


2. Herschel: Summer Twenty Eighteen

Herschel uses a lookbook feel to feature their new line for summer - showcasing items in a way that makes subscribers want to shop and then head to the beach.

Tip: For longer emails, be sure to include a CTA above the fold and at the end of the email (see Herschel’s ‘Shop New Arrivals’ and ‘View the Lookbook’ buttons).


3. Malin+Goetz: Summer Skincare Essentials

Malin+Goetz points out special skincare products for different summer climates, giving customers the option to shop for products that will work for them.

Though we love this email design, we’d try further personalization by specifically sending different emails to customers in locations with varying climates.


4. Peel: It’s Our Mystery Summer Sale

Bright colors and a fun email design plus a CTA that invokes mystery will get subscribers excited and clicking - wins all around!


5. Sunday Supply Co.: Hello Summer

Sunday Supply Co. brings on summer with their latest collection of beach umbrellas. Their email design is simple but effective - focusing on one specific type of item with clear CTAs throughout the email.


6. Trunk Club: The summer office style guide

A style guide is an easy way to showcase products while giving customers inspiration for how your inventory can work together to give them a brand new look.

Trunk Club knows their audience - employees who have to wear suits in the summer can have a tough (and sweaty) time picking outfits that are functional, so this style guide hits the sweet spot.


Start crafting your next campaign!

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your email campaigns. Don’t be afraid to jump in with bold images and color - who doesn’t want a little more fun in their inbox?