28 Browse Abandonment Subject Lines to Get Customers Coming Back

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably considering or currently implementing a browse abandonment email automation. We approve! Browse abandonment emails are the best way to remind customers who didn’t make a purchase of the products they were eyeing.

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You can hit the perfect balance of a helpful and non-intrusive browse abandonment email with just a little bit of work. Here are 28 browse abandonment subject lines that range from cheeky and clever, to more straightforward discount offers:


If you’re creating a multiple-step browse abandonment email automation, using a simple subject line for your first email is a great place to start.

  • Did you see something you liked?
  • Recommended just for you
  • Eyeing something?
  • Did this catch your eye?
  • This would look great in your closet
  • Don’t forget about us
  • Take another look


Personalized subject lines are, on average, 26% more likely to be opened, 14% more likely to be clicked, and 10% more likely to lead to a conversion - can’t argue with that!

  • [First Name], did you see something you liked?
  • Hey [First Name], you have great taste!
  • [First Name], we love your style
  • Your [Product Name] is waiting!
  • Don’t miss out on [Product Name]
  • We love [Product Name] too
  • This [Product Name] Is for You


Adding some playfulness to your browse abandonment subject line can help minimize any creepiness factor.

  • Were you checking us out?
  • We saw you checking us out
  • We must say, you have good taste
  • Have your eye on something?
  • We think we have what you’re looking for
  • We think this would look great on you
  • We support this wardrobe addition


A great way to get customers to welcome browse abandonment emails is by offering free shipping or a discount, especially if you’re worried about them finding these emails obtrusive.

  • Come back for 15% off
  • Would $15 off change your mind?
  • 15% off, just for you
  • Everything you’re looking for, plus free shipping
  • Free shipping! Take the plunge
  • 15% to help you make up your mind
  • Take another look for $10 off

Wrap Up

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with browse abandonment email subject lines! With email automation becoming a staple for top brands, customers are becoming accustomed to receiving them, and more importantly, happy to engage with them.

If you have any hesitations around feeling intrusive, try a one step email automation, test it for a week, and see what the response is like. Then keep checking in and iterating to create a high-converting browse abandonment email.