5 Ways You Can Optimize Emails for Mobile

#Email Design

According to Litmus, mobile continues to be the top way that email recipients read their emails. With the growing evidence supporting mobile use for email, it’s important that your brand factors it into your email strategy.…

Jaime Fletcher

New from Hive: Open Rates and Subscribers Who Have Disabled Tracking Segment

#Product Update

We’re excited to announce a new feature built to give you the most accurate open rate data and full visibility into which of your subscribers have open tracking disabled.…

Cynthia Dam

Why All Event Marketers Need SMS in 2022

#SMS Marketing

The 2022 calendar for festivals and live events is filling up quickly as fans are eager to get out and support their favorite artists.…

Julia Battistone

New from Hive: Inbound SMS Text Marketing

#Product Update

With Hive Inbound SMS, you can now easily grow your list by asking customers to text in, and trigger targeted automations based on inbound text messages.…

Cynthia Dam

22 Valentine's Day Subject Lines To Show Your Customers Love


Shower your customers with love this Valentine’s Day 2022 with 22 subject lines guaranteed to stand out in their inboxes.…

Cynthia Dam

The Ultimate SMS Workflow To Drive 20x Event Revenue

#Events #SMS Marketing

SMS is the event email marketer's ultimate tool to maximizing revenue in 2022. If you want to drive 20x ROI, these are the workflows you need to set up.…

Cynthia Dam

How To Use Subdomains To Improve Deliverability, Lead To Better Inbox Placement And Drive Conversions


If you're sending emails, you should be putting in the extra effort to make sure they're landing in your customers' inbox. Here's how subdomains can help you do that!…

Anima Hossain

Why You Should Be Using Email Subdomains For Your Ecommerce Store

#Deliverability #Ecommerce Email

Without a subdomain, all the hard work you're putting into your email strategy is going in the trash. Why? Because of bad deliverability. Let's dive in!…

Anima Hossain