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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing: How to Think about Email like a Pro

#Email Marketing

Ever wonder how to think about email marketing like a pro? Here’s your chance! This is a playbook of best practises we’ve learned from being in the email industry for the past 3 years, and it’s everything you need to know to be an effective email marketer.…

Cynthia Dam

What No One Tells You About Launching an Email Newsletter

#Email Marketing #Deliverability #Tips & Tricks

This post goes over some of the common pitfalls that you can anticipate before launching your email newsletter, and what you can do to combat them while keeping your newsletter alive and well.…

Michaela Angemeer

21 Spring New Arrivals Subject Lines for Ecommerce

#Email Marketing #Ecommerce Email #Seasonal

To help you get inspired before sending your announcement email, we’ve put together a list of spring new arrivals subject lines. From simple options to having fun with emojis, we’ve got you covered.…

Michaela Angemeer

5 Event Email Strategies to Engage Attendees Better

#Event Organizers #Email Marketing

Whether you run music festivals, networking events, or anything in between, your email marketing goal should be the same: engage your attendees to sell more tickets. Let’s dive in to the top performing email templates and strategies, so you can get inspired and sell more tickets 🎟…

Cynthia Dam

Why the Quality of Your Email List Is More Important Than Its Size

#Email Marketing

You’re prepping for your quarterly marketing meeting and once again, you’re left with the age-old decision - do you focus your reporting on topline metrics like email list growth, or deeper metrics like engagement over time?…

Michaela Angemeer

6 Effective Signup Form Tips to Grow Your Email List

#Tips & Tricks #Email Marketing

Signup forms are the best way to grow your email list. No matter what industry you’re in and how big your business is, your goal should be the same: get people excited to sign up. Let’s dive in to our top 6 best practises on how to create a high-converting signup form.…

Cynthia Dam

29 Subject Lines to Kickstart Your 2019 Email Campaigns

#Ecommerce Email #Email Marketing

To give you some fresh ideas and new tactics to try in 2019, we scrolled through our inboxes and found standout subject lines from your favorite brands.…

Michaela Angemeer

New to Hive: Email journey updates, smart signup, and segment stats

#Product Update #Email Marketing #Ecommerce Email

A new year means a fresh start for you and your email marketing strategy. We’re excited to support your big plans for 2019 with some…

Michaela Angemeer

Why are my emails going to spam? A CTO’s Perspective

#Deliverability #Email Marketing

Over the past few months, we’ve had a handful of customers switch to Hive after their emails started automatically going to spam with providers like Klaviyo and Mailchimp.…

Patrick Hannigan