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Events 101: The Ultimate Artist Email And SMS Marketing Strategy

#Email Marketing #Events #SMS Marketing

All the strategies you need to build your email and SMS marketing workflows to maximize engagement and drive ticket revenue for your next shows.…

Anima Hossain

3 SMS Strategies All Email Marketers Need To Know To Drive Revenue

#SMS Marketing #Email Marketing

Your email strategy should be driving 40% of your brand’s revenue. Add SMS and take that percentage even further. Here are 3 effective SMS strategies you can add to your existing email workflows to maximize customer engagement and drive more conversions.…

Cynthia Dam

The Importance Of Segmenting Your List And Collecting The Right Data To Drive Conversions

#Segmentation #Email Marketing

Segmenting your audience is a crucial step in any email marketing strategy - it lets you build relationships through email that feels more like a conversation than spam. Let's dive in!…

Anima Hossain

30 Subject Lines To Warm Up Your Winter Sales

#Subject Lines #Email Marketing #Seasonal

Temperatures are dropping, and it’s clear that winter is here to stay (at least for the next few months). Make sure you’re prepared for the winter sales season with subject lines that stand out in a crowded inbox…

Anima Hossain

New Year, New Email: 4 Strategies To Refresh Your Email Campaigns in 2021

#Email Marketing

A fresh new year is the perfect opportunity to step up your email strategy and drive even more revenue for the year ahead. Supercharge your email marketing to maximize conversions with these 4 strategies!…

Anima Hossain

How SMS And Email Work Together To Drive Conversions

#Email Marketing #SMS Marketing

Name a better duo than email marketing and SMS to drive conversions for your omnichannel marketing strategy. By leveraging both channels, you'll get better customer engagement and drive revenue (meaning more money in your pocket!)…

Anima Hossain

Hive’s Ultimate Christmas Campaign Pre-Send Checklist

#Seasonal #Email Marketing

With Christmas just around the corner, we created a comprehensive step-by-step checklist to help email marketers get ready for their holiday email campaigns, stress-free!…

Anima Hossain

3 Email Strategies To Drive Ecommerce Sales And Maximize Engagement This Christmas Season

#Email Marketing #Ecommerce Email #Seasonal

With the Christmas season right around the corner, make sure your email strategies are in tip-top shape to maximize engagement, and drive revenue.…

Anima Hossain

The Key to Maximizing Opens and Clicks: Segmenting By Engagement Level

#Email Marketing #Deliverability #Popular Blogs

Segmenting your list and email sends by engagement level is key, no matter what you sell. It’s one of the strongest yet simplest tactics for better opens, clicks, deliverability, and customer engagement.…

Cynthia Dam