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How to power your Shopify automations without Mailchimp

#Email Automation #Ecommerce Email #Email Marketing

Since Shopify recently removed their Mailchimp integration, we’ve been working with brands looking for an alternative to make sure their email journeys stay up and running.…

Michaela Angemeer

5 Tips for Perfecting Your Black Friday Ecommerce Email Strategy

#Seasonal #Ecommerce Email #Email Automation

It’s arguably the most important time of year for your store - Black Friday ecommerce sales are projected to increase by 15.31% year-over-year in the U.S. to $5.8 billion this year (with mobile sales projected to grow to $2.4 billion).…

Michaela Angemeer

How Should You Focus Your Email Marketing Strategy? Acquisition vs. Retention

#Ecommerce Email #Email Automation

When you’re a marketer, every day is a battle against succumbing to vanity metrics. Between wanting to report on numbers that make you look good,…

Michaela Angemeer

5 Welcome Emails Guaranteed to Boost Conversion

#Email Automation #Ecommerce Email

When a customer visits your website and decides to subscribe for updates about your brand, do you really want to leave them hanging? Probably not. Let’s dive into five super effective welcome emails for some inspo 👉🏼…

Cynthia Dam

Inspiration for Your Browse Abandonment Subject Line

#Email Automation #Email Marketing

Sending browse abandonment emails is a great way to re-engage customers who viewed products on your site without making a purchase. But as ecommerce automations become…

Michaela Angemeer

5 Automated Email Journeys You Should Be Sending as an Ecommerce Brand

#Email Automation

We’re discussing five types of email journeys every ecommerce brand can benefit from, and tips to help you set up each one. There’s a ton of potential to save time and increase revenue with just a little bit initial set up - let’s jump right in!…

Cynthia Dam

The End of Lowest Common Denominator Email Marketing

#Personalization #Email CRM #Email Automation

Think of the last marketing email you received: did it feel like it was crafted specifically for you? Or was it yet another generic blast that…

Michaela Angemeer

The 5 Key Lifecycle Stages for Ecommerce Email Marketing

#Ecommerce Email #Email Automation #Email CRM

As marketers, we often place focus on things that may not be the most impactful to our business today. According to Adobe, 80% of companies’ marketing…

Michaela Angemeer

3 Reasons Why You Should Abandon One Size Fits All Email Blasts

#Email Marketing #Email Automation

We’ve come a long way since the advent of email marketing, uncovering best practices and no-no’s along the way. From buying email lists, to…

Michaela Angemeer