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Our Must-Read Email Marketing Blogs for Ecommerce Brands

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These posts run through what makes a good email strategy, and they’ll help you level up your email marketing so you can connect with customers, stand out in the inbox and drive sales.…

Cynthia Dam

Boost Your Shopify Sales with Browse Abandonment Email Automations

#Ecommerce Email #Email Automation

Browse abandonment emails trigger when customers browse items online without adding them to their cart. Let’s dive into why these automations are essential for every Shopify merchant.…

Cynthia Dam

Ecommerce Email Templates to Kick Off 2020 Sales

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From welcome emails, to back-in-stock notifications, these wicked templates are guaranteed to level up your current email strategy and drive conversion.…

Cynthia Dam

20 Cyber Monday Subject Lines for Ecommerce

#Ecommerce Email #Seasonal #Subject Lines

Inboxes will get crowded with emails promoting this year’s sales, so we’ve collected 20 Cyber Monday subject lines to help you stand out from the pack.…

Cynthia Dam

Email List Segmentation Tips for Ecommerce

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Segmented campaigns received 14% higher opens and 2x more clicks than non-segmented campaigns. We've broken down what your ecommerce brand needs to get started.…

Michaela Angemeer

Fall into the New Season with 5 Fashion Email Template Examples

#Seasonal #Ecommerce Email

Fall is debatably the best season for fashion, and it’s just around the corner! Get your customers ready for new arrivals by showcasing your latest…

Michaela Angemeer

The Ultimate Guide to Building an Effective Winback Series

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A step-by-step guide on how to create a winback email series that’s optimized to re-engage your inactives at exactly the right time, with exactly the right messaging.…

Cynthia Dam

How Browse Abandonment Emails Can Bring Your Shopify Store More Revenue

#Ecommerce Email #Integrations

Browse abandonment emails catch visitors to your Shopify store who haven’t made it to the cart yet, recovering revenue from shoppers who have already shown interest in your brand.…

Anna Cunningham

How Emails Can Level Up Your VIP Program

#Ecommerce Email #Email Marketing #Integrations

Emails are a vital part of motivating your VIPs to continuously engage with your program and provide a stellar experience at every step of their relationship with your brand.…

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