How to Use Email Journeys to Improve Deliverability

#Deliverability #Email Automation

The perfect way to improve email deliverability is to leverage automated email journeys - these are triggered by subscribers’ actions so they send at exactly the right moments to optimize for engagement in your customer journey.…

Cynthia Dam

What You Need to Know About Custom Domains and Subdomains


One of the first decisions you’ll encounter when using a new email service provider (ESP) or setting up your email marketing strategy is whether to…

Anna Cunningham

How to Build a Strong Sender Reputation to Improve Email Deliverability


The key to building a strong sender reputation is having a holistic email strategy centered around consistently sending good emails your subscribers engage with.…

Cynthia Dam

Why Hive puts subscriber engagement at the forefront

#Segmentation #Email CRM #Deliverability

The majority of email marketing experts suggest creating campaigns around subscriber engagement as an effective way to maintain a healthy list, but most email providers bury engagement data or provide a simplistic rating, almost as an afterthought.…

Michaela Angemeer

What No One Tells You About Launching an Email Newsletter

#Email Marketing #Deliverability #Tips & Tricks

This post goes over some of the common pitfalls that you can anticipate before launching your email newsletter, and what you can do to combat them while keeping your newsletter alive and well.…

Michaela Angemeer

A CTO’s Perspective: Why Dedicated IPs Are a Myth


For 99% of senders, using a dedicated IP will cause more long term deliverability problems than using a shared pool of IPs. Our CTO shares why.…

Patrick Hannigan

How to Warm Up a New Subdomain


If you’ve made your way to this post, you probably know that using subdomains is the best way to separate out your sending reputation for different emails.…

Michaela Angemeer

Just Shipped: Automated IP and Domain Warmup Feature

#Product Update #Deliverability

If we’ve learned anything while helping customers migrate from their email provider, it’s that switching to a new ESP is time-consuming and stressful.…

Ian Roberts

How to Design Emails That Land in the Inbox (and Avoid Spam Filters)


Every piece of your email marketing strategy, from your design and content, to your segmentation, go hand-in-hand to ensure your emails land in the inbox.…

Cynthia Dam