How to Keep Your High Value Customers Engaged with Email

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to keeping your customers engaged. They’ve discovered your brand in various ways, have different spending patterns, and will engage with you in store and online in hundreds of distinct ways throughout their customer journey.

Just keeping track of all these customer touch points can be hard enough, let alone getting to your actual goal of using this constantly updating dataset to increase sales. It helps to break the problem down and focus on one specific customer segment at a time.

In this post, we focus specifically on how to increase engagement with the customers who contribute the most to your bottom line - your high value customers. After all, 40% of an ecommerce store’s revenue is created by only 8% of its customers.

Here are a few ideas on how to reward your customers when they keep coming back for more.

Let them be the first to know

If you’re releasing a new product line, have a contest coming up, or are running a promotion, add your highest value customers to an insider segment that gets all the updates first. Send them an email a day or two before the rest of your customers, and let them know they’re getting the first look because you value them.

Say thank you

Saying thank you to the customers who are responsible for your company’s success is something not enough brands do. Luckily, customer thank yous based on purchase behavior are easy to automate with most email platforms (because if you had to think about sending an email every time, it would be a nightmare). Set up thank yous for your customers when they spend their first $100 or $500 dollars. A simple thanks or coupon code for their next purchase goes a long way!

Ask for their opinion

Your highest value customers have the most exposure to your products, making their feedback the most valuable. Send them an email with a survey or form on your site that lets them provide feedback. You can easily do this with survey sites like Survey Monkey or Polldaddy. Not only does this give your biggest advocates a chance to feel heard, this feedback may even inspire your next promotion or product line.


One more thing

Last but not least, routinely check the engagement level of your highest value customers. If they’re opening and clicking on every email you send - awesome! There might be room to send them even more product updates and offers.

If there’s a segment that was once opening every email but hasn’t been engaged the past month, make sure you set up live segmentation so they can be filtered into a group who receives less email. For example, create a segment of customers who’ve spent over $500 in the past year but haven’t opened an email in 30 days. Filtering out this segment will let you send them more thoughtful messaging, like a winback campaign.


Putting in a little extra effort to take care of your high value customers now will ensure that they continue to be repeat customers for years to come!