Five Months at Hive: A Dev’s Perspective

I can’t believe I’ve already spent five months at Hive! It feels like I’ve been here for so much longer, but it has also gone by so fast. I knew I was joining a great team of smart, talented, and wonderful people, but I had no idea how much I was going to grow both professionally and personally over the last few months.

Five months ago, I was completely new to our development stack, and I had never worked on a system as big as Hive. Fast forward, and my first big feature is about to be shipped! The team has wanted to build a new dashboard for quite a while, and I was excited about the potential project before I even officially started. The dashboard was one of our major organizational goals for both Q2 and Q3, and taking ownership over a real company priority this early in my time here was an incredible opportunity.

At Hive, you get to work on projects that impact the product and customers every day. We are constantly shipping new features, improving existing code, and solving new problems. One of my favorite things about working here is that the development team is looped in on product conversations from the beginning. It’s really special to hear our CEO talk about something that clients are asking for, and being able to act on it right away. During my third month, I was able to help a major customer start using Hive by adding new functionality to one of our existing features.

In addition to technical growth, it has been extremely rewarding to be part of a small and growing team of developers. As we expand, there will always inevitably be growing pains, and I have been so impressed by how we’re growing as a team. We’re able to have respectful and candid conversations about how we’re working together and to quickly work through challenges that arise, always coming out stronger. I have never been in an environment as respectful and supportive as the one at Hive, and I am so excited to watch the team continue to grow in the future.

All technical aspects of the job aside, I am extremely grateful for the culture and supportive environment at Hive. As someone who sometimes has their own mental health hurdles, being in a flexible and supportive environment has allowed me to take proper care of myself mentally and physically.

Hive has created an environment where you want to bring your best self into the office every day, and for me, that involves the ability to attend routine appointments and take proactive days off to avoid serious burnout. Hive is the first place I’ve worked where mental health is taken seriously, and everyone is expected (and encouraged) to do what they need to do take care of themselves.

Ultimately, it’s incredible to look back and see where this journey has taken me, but even more so, I can’t wait to see where it goes!