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How to use an ESP to customize your Ticketfly email templates

#Event Organizers

After Eventbrite’s acquisition of Ticketfly, many brands are looking for a new ESP to step up their email marketing game. If you’ve grown accustomed to using Ticketfly’s email marketing tool, this post will walk you through the differences with Hive and how to send your first campaign.…

Michaela Angemeer

How Hive can power your ecommerce email for events

#Event Organizers

With the inundation of full-service ecommerce platforms like Shopify, selling products online has never been easier. They’ve paved the way for tech that changes the…

Michaela Angemeer

June updates: 5 new ways to make Hive work for you

#Product Update

We’re constantly working to ship your most requested features, so we’re pumped to share the newest product updates! Here are some of the latest…

Michaela Angemeer

21 Father's Day Subject Lines That Would Make Dad Proud


If your store sells something that would make the perfect Father’s Day gift, now’s the time to roll out email promotions! You don’t…

Michaela Angemeer

Why Hive puts subscriber engagement at the forefront

#Segmentation #Email CRM #Deliverability

The majority of email marketing experts suggest creating campaigns around subscriber engagement as an effective way to maintain a healthy list, but most email providers bury engagement data or provide a simplistic rating, almost as an afterthought.…

Michaela Angemeer

Hive vs. Mailchimp as a Shopify ESP

#Ecommerce Email #Email CRM

With the removal of the Mailchimp for Shopify integration, we’re having a lot of conversations around how Hive compares to Mailchimp as an ESP for Shopify. We think that it’s probably best to bite the bullet and switch your email marketing over to an ESP that fully integrates with Shopify.…

Michaela Angemeer

Just Shipped: Why We Launched Estimated Open Rate

#Product Update #Email Marketing

Estimated open rate predicts the open rate of an email before you send it, based on the targeted recipients. By selecting and deselecting which engagement levels are going to receive the email, you’ll see the estimated open rate change.…

Michaela Angemeer

Why choose Hive to power your event email marketing

#Event Organizers #Email Automation #Email CRM

Every day, event companies are using Hive to gain more control of their data and level up their email marketing strategy. If you’ve been looking for a more robust solution for email, you’ve come to the right place.…

Michaela Angemeer

Migrating from Mailchimp to Hive in 3 Easy Steps

#Ecommerce Email #Integrations

We feel you, so we’ve made it easier to switch from Mailchimp to Hive with a simple Mailchimp integration. To take some of the burden off, we’ve put together this post that outlines everything you need to know about making the switch.…

Michaela Angemeer