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New from Hive: Pre-built Email Journeys and Magento Integration

#Product Update #Partners

We have two new exciting updates to share that will make it easier for you to create email automations and expand your ability to sync data with Hive…

Michaela Angemeer

Introducing Email Journey Splits in Hive

#Product Update

Today, we’re excited to announce email journey splits in Hive. Take your email automations one step further.…

Michaela Angemeer

Built For You: New Features to Make Your Hive Workflows Easier

#Product Update

Our latest product features include updates to your dashboard, a new action in email journeys, and our customer experience team is offering COVID-19 relief services to anyone who needs a little extra help during these tough times.…

Michaela Angemeer

Hive Email Marketing to Support Local Ecommerce Merchants During COVID-19 Closures

#COVID-19 #Ecommerce Email #Email Marketing

As a small team of ten who are super passionate about the Kitchener-Waterloo community, we wanted to do our part in supporting local shops and merchants.…

Michaela Angemeer

Tips to Boost Online Revenue During COVID-19 Closures

#Ecommerce Email #COVID-19

As most commerce brands move entirely online, closing brick and mortar stores to help combat the spread of COVID-19, it’s a great time to revisit your ecommerce strategy. We’ve put together a list of tips and resources that will help you make the most out of your online shop during this tough time.…

Michaela Angemeer

How You Can Use Email Automation to Increase Repeat Customers

#Tips & Tricks #Email Marketing #Email Automation

Email automations are a powerful way to build strong relationships with your customers, and keep them coming back.…

Michaela Angemeer

3 Things to Consider to Successfully Implement Email Automations

#Email Automation

Automations are a powerful way to level up your email marketing strategy. Here are 3 things to consider to implement them successfully.…

Michaela Angemeer

23 Valentine's Day Subject Lines to Make Subscribers Feel the Love

#Seasonal #Subject Lines

We’ve put together some of our favorite love-inspired subject lines that will give subscribers the warm and fuzzies this February. From sale to gift-specific, let’s get into the best subject lines for the season of love!…

Michaela Angemeer

How To Successfully Switch Email Service Providers (ESPs) with a Focus on Deliverability

#Deliverability #Email Marketing

If you’re considering switching to a new ESP (email service provider), we feel you. You might not be happy with your current ESP’s features…

Michaela Angemeer