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Our Top 5 Email Marketing Predictions for 2019

#Email Marketing

This year did a great job of transforming segmentation and automation into more than just buzzwords. We have a feeling the new year will continue this trend as what actually makes an impact in email marketing becomes clearer than ever. Here are our top email marketing predictions for 2019.…

Michaela Angemeer

5 Ecommerce Email Templates Perfect for the New Year

#Email Design #Seasonal

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite New Years email ideas to get you ready for your first campaign of 2019! These email templates from some of the top brands in email marketing are sure to get you inspired.…

Cynthia Dam

The Best Christmas Subject Lines for Ecommerce Email


US shoppers are expected to spend a whopping $120B online by year-end. And with email driving 24% of online holiday sales so far, there’s opportunity to foolproof your holiday email strategy to guarantee high conversions. One of the most impactful ways to do that? Your email subject line.…

Cynthia Dam

15 Music Event Marketing Subject Lines That Work

#Event Organizers

In the scramble to get content ready for social, email, and the bajillion other digital channels you’re managing, your email subject line becomes an afterthought. That’s why we’ve collected 15 subject lines that work for event email marketing.…

Cynthia Dam

Hive Culture: The New Hive HQ


Today, we’re showing a side of Hive you haven’t seen yet. We recently moved offices and wanted to share some behind-the-scenes of the process, as well as a quick tour! Take a peek into our rustic chic space and peep the video.…

Cynthia Dam

IP Warmup: Why and How You Should Do It


Warming up your IP is crucial to ensuring healthy deliverability. It should be the first part of your greater email marketing strategy, as it lays the foundation for making sure your emails actually get opened.…

Cynthia Dam

New from Hive: Advanced Segment Builder, Resend to Unopens, and UTM Tracking

#Product Update

Our latest updates improve the way you interact with your customers and their data, through a new segment builder, the ability to resend to unopened recipients, and UTM codes that let you track customer experiences.…

Cynthia Dam

6 Ways to Easily Improve Your Event Email Marketing

#Event Organizers #Segmentation

As an event marketer, you have access to some of the most actionable customer data out there. We’ve put together a list of easy ways to segment your list and send better emails, ensuring more opens, clicks, and of course, ticket purchases.…

Michaela Angemeer

15 Black Friday Subject Lines for Ecommerce

#Ecommerce Email

The biggest ecommerce day of the year is just around the corner - Black Friday! It’s important to make sure your email will be able to cut through the noise. Here are some subject lines guaranteed to grab your customers attention, and drive open rates.…

Cynthia Dam