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[Free Webinar] Email Deliverability 101

#Deliverability #Email Marketing

Deliverability shouldn’t be a scary obstacle for email marketers. That’s why we’re hosting a free Email Deliverability Webinar on July 8th, where we'll break down the fundamentals of a good email deliverability strategy.…

Cynthia Dam

Announcing Hive’s Clearbanc Partnership: Gain Access to Growth Funding

#Email Marketing #Partners

Today, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Clearbanc, the fastest and easiest way for businesses to gain capital for their marketing needs (like email!).…

Cynthia Dam

[Free Webinar] Ecommerce Email: How To Make Your Online Store More Customer-Friendly

#Ecommerce Email #Email Marketing

With many businesses forced to pivot from brick and mortar retail to ecommerce, there’s a huge opportunity to leverage email marketing to make your online experience customer friendly. Why not engage your online customers the same way you would help them in your retail store?…

Cynthia Dam

[Free Webinar] Email Marketing Best Practices: Everything You Should Set Up to Connect with Subscribers

#Email Marketing #Tips & Tricks #COVID-19

In these uncertain times, email is a powerful way to connect with your subscribers and build stronger customer relationships. Whether you’re new to email marketing or a seasoned pro, we’re here to help you leverage the power of email and navigate through these uncertain times together.…

Cynthia Dam

21 Email Subject Lines to Connect with Subscribers During COVID-19

#Subject Lines #Email Marketing #COVID-19

With people on their devices more than ever, it’s an important time to have relevant and timely messaging in order to better connect with subscribers. It all starts with your email subject line.…

Cynthia Dam

5 Email Marketing Blog Posts to Help You Engage Customers Better

#Email Marketing #Tips & Tricks

We’ve been rounding up our top blog posts for marketers who are looking to level up their email marketing strategy.…

Cynthia Dam

Our Must-Read Email Marketing Blogs for Ecommerce Brands

#Tips & Tricks #Ecommerce Email

These posts run through what makes a good email strategy, and they’ll help you level up your email marketing so you can connect with customers, stand out in the inbox and drive sales.…

Cynthia Dam

How to Keep Attendees Informed Re: COVID-19 as an Event Email Marketer

#COVID-19 #Events #Email Marketing

We thought it would be helpful to share some best practises and helpful links, If you’re looking to send out an email update re: COVID-19 in the next few days.…

Cynthia Dam

Our Most Popular Blogs for Event Email Marketers

#Events #Email Marketing

We rounded up our top blog posts based on what event marketers have found the most helpful, so that you can take your email marketing to the next level.…

Cynthia Dam