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Content Marketing Manager at Hive. Big fan of lakes, dogs, and a good mystery.


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What You Need to Know About Custom Domains and Subdomains


One of the first decisions you’ll encounter when using a new email service provider (ESP) or setting up your email marketing strategy is whether to…

Anna Cunningham

4 Ways to Build Engagement with Birthday Email Triggers

Birthday emails not only have higher engagement than regular campaigns, but are actually proven to drive more revenue. A birthday is the perfect opportunity to email subscribers with a discount or special message that will engage and delight, putting your customer data to good use.…

Anna Cunningham

Why Customer Education Should Be a Strategic Part of Your Email Marketing

#Email Marketing #Ecommerce Email

Sometimes we get so busy telling customers what we think they need that we forget to tell them why they need it or how to use it. Educating customers on your industry positioning or product usage may be the missing piece in your email journeys.…

Anna Cunningham

5 Loud & Proud Email Templates to Celebrate Pride in Style

#Email Design #Email Marketing #Ecommerce Email

Pride month is upon us, and communities around the world are donning rainbow gear to celebrate diverse sexual and gender identities. If your brand values LGBTQ+ rights, there’s no time better than June to connect with that audience!…

Anna Cunningham

Email Accessibility 101: Designing Email for All

#Email Design

There are several things you should consider to help make your emails more accessible. Ultimately, you want your email design to be easy to digest for as many people as possible, from both an ecommerce and values perspective.…

Anna Cunningham

Hive’s new Content Marketing Manager on her first weeks with the team


Meet Anna, our new Content Marketing Manager! After two weeks on the team, she shares her insights into life at Hive.…

Anna Cunningham

5 Sizzling Summer Email Templates for Ecommerce

#Email Design #Seasonal #Ecommerce Email

Customers are getting ready to replenish their summer wardrobes, snag a hot discount, or stock up for vacation. To get your creativity flowing, we’ve collected 5 summer email templates sure to heat up your customers’ inboxes!…

Anna Cunningham