Hive’s new Content Marketing Manager on her first weeks with the team

Hello from downtown Kitchener! I’m Anna, the new Content Marketing Manager here at Hive. Before joining the team, I was the Marketing & Communications Manager at Operation Groundswell, an awesome Toronto-based nonprofit. After ten years in the 6ix, I’m excited to make the move back to Kitchener with my partner Max and immerse myself in life at Hive! But with two weeks under my belt, what does the Hive life look like to me?

1) Space to grow

I’ve seen every member of the team speak about and demonstrate this in countless ways over the last two weeks. Despite being a group of supersmart individuals, no one has all the answers, and if we do we’re probably not doing something right. Room to learn and grow is built into each role (and Hive’s ethos), and, in turn, our ability to contribute to the organization strategically and culturally is as well.

I’ve heard about the different directions some positions have taken, and the value each individual has added to the team in their time here. I’ve been prompted with several paths I can build and explore here if I find them valuable, but that’s only just the beginning. I’m given the space to make my role my own, and to bring my own skills to the table.

2) People first

People are the foundation of any company, and Hive understands that happier and healthier people make better contributors. As a sort of ecosystem, company culture is a top priority, and much of my first week was spent grabbing one-on-one coffees with every member of the (admittedly small) team. I was able to get to know more about each person, their role at Hive, and what brought them here. We also went to an indoor trampoline park - a pretty efficient way to expedite the bonding process if you ask me.

Above the happy-fun-social-times though, are the actions that help us be human. I was given a start-date buffer to get my life together, time off is encouraged, mental health is respected, preferred pronouns are on the website. Core values are demonstrated consistently, not just superficially broadcasted. Hive says they hire for “culture add, not culture fit”, and this is very clear.

3) Ask questions, think critically

We come together as a team at least twice a week to talk priorities, high level objectives, individual projects, and company goals. Even within these meetings, there is a lot of space for questions and discussion. Some of my best learning over these last couple weeks has come from them. I’ve loved watching how each person contributes, what questions they ask, and how their unique experiences feed the overall conversation.

A lot of thought is given to how and why we’re doing things, and we are encouraged to give feedback. We may have been doing something a certain way before, but those reasons might not make sense anymore. We’re never stuck with the status quo, and consistently looking at how we can do what we do better.

Individually, we each have regular one-on-ones with our team leads (for me our CEO, Ian) which becomes a space for anything and everything you might want to discuss. Questions, professional development, personal frustrations, feedback, excitement, you name it.

4) Your success is our success

This probably sounds hokey, but I wouldn’t risk venturing into “cheesy” territory if it wasn’t true. So many of the conversations I’ve been privy to these last couple weeks have been around customer success. What can we do to make the platform better? What feedback are we getting? What does individual deliverability look like? What content will help email marketers on all levels? What information do they need? Helping marketers do what they do better is literally at the core of who we are.

So? What do I think?

Honestly, I’m nothing less than ecstatic to be joining the team at Hive (and I promise they’re not making me say that). It’s a true joy to join a group of people who are great at what they do and bringing fresh ideas, energy, and skills to the table. I’m already having fun, feeling valued, and learning a lot, and I can’t wait to share more of what we do with the world. What else could a content marketer ask for?