[Free Webinar] How to Increase Email Conversions and Drive Revenue on Your Online Store

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Join our exclusive webinar on Wednesday, October 7th at 3PM ET, and gain expert insight into segmentation and automation strategies proven to drive conversion!…

Cynthia Dam

How the Hive Team Stayed Connected During Quarantine

#Culture #COVID-19

Covid-19 brought unprecedented change to most work places! Let's dive in to all of the ways we stayed connected while quarantining.…

Caity Irwin

Hive Integrates with AXS

#Product Update #Events

We’re excited to announce that Hive now integrates with AXS! Connecting AXS lets you see detailed data on each of your customers and send tailored email campaigns to them based on that data.…

Michaela Angemeer

Fireside chat with Hive’s Founders, Pat and Ian


To celebrate Hive's 6 year anniversary, I sat down with our awesome founders, Pat and Ian to share their story of starting a company and building the team that makes Hive what it is today. If you want to hear more about Hive’s journey and all the crazy moments and lessons learned, keep reading!…

Anima Hossain

Why Your Mailchimp Emails are Going to Spam

#Deliverability #Email CRM

We know that one of an email marketer’s biggest worries is not landing in the inbox. This could have a lot to do with the current ESP you're using!…

Michaela Angemeer

September Updates from Hive

#Product Update

With a new season comes new email marketing features. Check out what's new at Hive including user profile and contact list improvements.…

Michaela Angemeer

Our New Market Development Manager's First 3 Months at Hive


My name is Prianka and I recently joined Hive as their new Market Development Manager. If you want to learn about my first three months at Hive, keep reading!…

Prianka Siva

35 Labor Day Subject Lines to Mark the End of Summer

#Subject Lines

The end of summer means one last long weekend to celebrate! Take advantage of one of the biggest sale weekends with these 35 subject lines perfect for Labor Day.…

Anima Hossain