3 Automations to Set Up for Your Events Brand, Today

#Events #Email Automation

Event marketers are turning to automations more and more to power their email marketing. Let’s dive into the three automations you should set up for your events brand today to start selling more tickets.…

Cynthia Dam

How To Successfully Switch Email Service Providers (ESPs) with a Focus on Deliverability

#Deliverability #Email Marketing

If you’re considering switching to a new ESP (email service provider), we feel you. You might not be happy with your current ESP’s features…

Michaela Angemeer

Ecommerce Email Templates to Kick Off 2020 Sales

#Email Design #Ecommerce Email

From welcome emails, to back-in-stock notifications, these wicked templates are guaranteed to level up your current email strategy and drive conversion.…

Cynthia Dam

5 Predictions for The State of Email Marketing in 2020

#Email Marketing

These email trends show no signs of stopping, and we’re excited to see what heights they reach in 2020. After thinking more about how email has changed over the past few years, we’ve put together our top five predictions for where we think email marketing is headed this year.…

Ian Roberts

Everything You Need to Know About Email Subdomains


It’s now more important than ever to develop an email strategy that considers how ISPs are going to react to your email campaigns. Here's everything you need to know on subdomains.…

Michaela Angemeer

60 New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Subject Lines to Ring in 2020

#Seasonal #Subject Lines

To help lessen the stress during this hectic time, we’ve put together a list of 30 New Year’s Eve and 30 New Year’s Day subject lines.…

Michaela Angemeer

Hive.co is Hiring! The Office Parody


To keep with the theme of wrapping up the year, the more creative members of the Hive team got together to make a parody of The Office.…

Michaela Angemeer

What's Next for Hive.co in 2020?

#Email Marketing #Email CRM

We have no plans of stopping in 2020, with some exciting features on our roadmap for the beginning of the year. To get you pumped for what’s coming in 2020, we’ve put together this list of sneak peaks.…

Ian Roberts