How to use an ESP to customize your Ticketfly email templates

#Event Organizers

After Eventbrite’s acquisition of Ticketfly, many brands are looking for a new ESP to step up their email marketing game. If you’ve grown accustomed to using Ticketfly’s email marketing tool, this post will walk you through the differences with Hive and how to send your first campaign.…

Michaela Angemeer

Our new Customer Experience Manager's journey to Hive


Our new Customer Experience Manager, Sarah, took us through her first month with Hive, from interview to customer on-boarding!…

Sarah Schmidt

How to Build a Strong Sender Reputation to Improve Email Deliverability


The key to building a strong sender reputation is having a holistic email strategy centered around consistently sending good emails your subscribers engage with.…

Cynthia Dam

4 Ways to Build Engagement with Birthday Email Triggers

Birthday emails not only have higher engagement than regular campaigns, but are actually proven to drive more revenue. A birthday is the perfect opportunity to email subscribers with a discount or special message that will engage and delight, putting your customer data to good use.…

Anna Cunningham

How Hive can power your ecommerce email for events

#Event Organizers

With the inundation of full-service ecommerce platforms like Shopify, selling products online has never been easier. They’ve paved the way for tech that changes the…

Michaela Angemeer

30 Email Subject Lines to Sell More this 4th of July


We’ve curated 30 of the top 4th of July email subject lines to inspire your next campaign. From free shipping to sale subject lines, these are sure to drive open rates and help you sell more for the Independence Day long weekend.…

Cynthia Dam

Why Customer Education Should Be a Strategic Part of Your Email Marketing

#Email Marketing #Ecommerce Email

Sometimes we get so busy telling customers what we think they need that we forget to tell them why they need it or how to use it. Educating customers on your industry positioning or product usage may be the missing piece in your email journeys.…

Anna Cunningham

June updates: 5 new ways to make Hive work for you

#Product Update

We’re constantly working to ship your most requested features, so we’re pumped to share the newest product updates! Here are some of the latest…

Michaela Angemeer