Why Hive: for Publications

In this post we talk about how publications can use Hive's marketing and analytics tools to build a bigger audience, and to understand how to help brands leverage it.

This list is in no way meant to be exhaustive - we hope it sparks new ideas of your own!

Analytics Tools

Hive's powerful software goes around the internet to look for all of your readers, as well as new potential eyeballs. Our analytical tools allow you to gain deep insights into your readership, and to reach beyond it.

1) Create Relevant Content

Identify trends in your audience: use Hive's affinity reporting to see which topics, brands, and interests are trending amongst your most engaged readers.

2) Grow Your Readership

Find influential readers use Hive's influence reports to find tastemakers in your readership and beyond. Reach out to them directly to leverage their influence.

Scale your ad based acquisition: using Hive's consumer profiling tools, you can easily learn how to better target your ads to reach a lower acquisition cost.

Focus your content: use Hive's affinity reports to create content around personalities and events that prospective readers care about. Easily see which trending topics will lead to new eyeballs.

3) Boost Revenue

Approach the right brands: know which brands your most valuable readers show affinity to and present detailed reports with reader profiles, key potential customers, and more. Brands have tight advertisement budgets, so use information as your competitive advantage.

Create killer sponsored content: know exactly which readers a brand needs to reach, what content those readers respond to, and what platforms to reach them on.

Give ad partners next-level targeting: help your advertisers to target your readership based on interests, demographics, and much more.

Marketing Tools

Our marketing tools are all about building a loyal audience that comes back daily.

1) Boost your social presence

Run contests: offer your readers products and unique experiences. Allow them to share and follow for better chances at winning!

Create gated content: offer access to exclusive video, photo galleries, and more if fans follow or share.

2) Keep your readers engaged

Know which fans consume what: use Hive tracking pixels to understand which websites and pages your fans are spending time on.

Create custom interest lists: use Hive's tagging to create lists of readers that are interested in certain topics and push content to those people via email, targeted social posts, and more. Get the right content to the right consumers - without straining your voice!

3) Reach new readers

Run interest specific ads: Hive helps you identify and target consumers with profiles similar to your audience, who haven't yet discovered your publication. You can easily run targeted ads at these people with custom audiences on Facebook and ad-networks.

These are a few of the more obvious ways to use Hive. We can think of dozens more, and there's probably hundreds we haven't come up with yet.

We'd love to hear about the creative ways you use Hive - send an email to hello@hive.co with your success story!