Why Hive: for Promoters

In this post we explore how promoters can use Hive's marketing and analytics tools to find new customers and sell more tickets.

This list is in no way meant to be exhaustive - let your mind run free!

Marketing tools

Our marketing tools are all about building a loyal customer base that you can sell to for years. We're always discovering new ways to engage and retain consumers.

1) Sell More Tickets!

Run contests: partner with visiting artists to run contests and other promotions that help you get their fans to the show. Let fans share online to increase their chances of winning, and enjoy the free online reach! (Check out this case study on how Moonrise Festival reached over 10k new fans doing this!)

Create taste specific customer lists: use Hive's tagging to create lists of customers based on the genres or artists they love. Then, market directly to them through email, SMS, or online advertisements.

2) Book The Right Talent

Run polls: let your customers tell you which artists they'd like to see come to town. Book the most popular artists, and sell directly to the fans who wanted them.

Learn from existing customers: Hive can layer social data on top of your past transaction records to uncover musical tastes and online engagement insights for those customers. Understanding your customers takes the guessing out of booking and marketing.

Analytics Tools

Hive's software looks all over the Internet for consumers who've interacted with your brands, as well as potential new customers. Our analytical tools allow you to gain real insights into your customers online habits, and to find new ones.

1) Use Data To Sell More Tickets

Find new customers: build custom audiences of local fans, and segment them by musical taste. HiveIQ can also help you identify and target your competitors' key customers.

Invite tastemakers: find local influencers with significant online reach, and provide them with free tickets to leverage their online impact.

2) Data-driven Booking = Better Booking

Who's trending?: See reports on trending artists in your customer base, or local market. Which artists in your price range excite your customers?

Bring data to negotiations: take hard data to agents when negotiating, show demand, engagement levels, and valuable fans that you can help them sell to.

3) Find Awesome Sponsors

Find brand affinity: use affinity reports to see which brands your customers engage with. Create compelling reports to show how easily they can reach your customers.

Execute better campaigns: take the guessing out of marketing campaigns - know which platforms, which influencers and which creative will help you reach specific consumer groups.

These are a few of the more obvious ways to use Hive. We can think of dozens more, and there's probably hundreds we haven't come up with yet.

We'd love to hear about the creative ways you use Hive - send an email to hello@hive.co with your success story!