Why Hive: for Brands

How can your brand use Hive to understand your customers, and get more of them? In this post we explain a few ideas, that have proven valuable.

This list is in no way meant to be exhaustive - rather a few thoughts to get you going!

Analytics Tools

Hive's software looks all over the Internet for people who engage with your brand online, and new people that are just like them but have not heard of you. When you use the analytics tools you gain deep insights into your customers' interests and behaviour.

1) Easily Find New Customers

Identify distribution opportunities: Hive's affinity reports tell you which blogs, publications, and personalities you should be leveraging. Focus your efforts on what works!

Find your tastemakers: with Hive, you can easily see which influencers are engaging with you online. Reach out to turn them into brand advocates. Go the extra mile and look for influencers who aren't yet engaging, but should.

Take your advertising further: use Hive to profile the interests and characteristics of your most valuable customers. Use your learnings to better target and optimize your cost per click.

Convert competitors' key customers: HiveIQ (coming soon!) let's you dig into your competitor's audiences to find key tastemakers, big spenders, and fanatics. Target them with great offers and topics that you know interest them to convert them.

2) Create Social Sales Engines

Connect social and sales: close the loop between the people engaging online and those buying. Hive adds social context to your transaction data to tell you which customers engage online, what their interests are, and what resonates with them.

Identify which content works: dig into your social content to identify which topics, tone, and formats drive sales.

Spot trends early: Use Hive's interest reports to see what will trend next among your most loyal and influential customers. Let data drive your content and product decisions.

3) Create Powerful Partnerships

Sponsor the right people: Hive's affinity reporting lets you see which personalities your customers and competitive audiences are excited about. Be confident when you're sponsoring artists, athletes, and celebrities.

Find brand synergy: Hive tells you which brands your customers are crazy about. Come up with creative partnership ideas backed by data.

Negotiate with data: fuel your sponsorship and partnership discussions with rich customer profiles. Bring real data to the table when negotiating.

Marketing Tools

Our marketing tools are all about helping you to expand your customer base and build brand equity. We focus on low effort, high yield campaign types, and are always looking for new ideas.

1) Find New Customers

Run contests: offer your current customers opportunities to win products or cool experiences in return for sharing with their friends. Free social reach is the best social reach!

Gate exclusive content: offer access to exclusive content to fans who share your products.

2) Build New Customer Insights

Poll your customers: ask your customers what new products they'd love to see or what hot topics they're interested in. Drive product decision with data.

These are a few of the more obvious ways to use Hive. We can think of dozens more, and there's probably hundreds we haven't come up with yet.

We'd love to hear about the creative ways you use Hive - send an email to hello@hive.co with your success story!