Why Hive: for Artists

In this post we talk about how artists can use Hive's marketing and analytics tools to increase their fan base and revenue. Any of these tips can of course be applied by an artist's management team as well.

This list is in no way meant to be exhaustive - we're just sowing the seeds for your creativity!

Marketing Tools

Our marketing tools are all about building a reliable fanbase that will stick with you for years.

1) Get More Fans

Run contests: Giveaways are a great way of trading merch, tickets, or other experiences for new reach online. Let your fans increase their winning chances by sharing online, and enjoy the free social reach!

Gate your content: Offer exclusive music, video, and more to fans who sign up to hear more from you. Want to grow your Spotify following? Offer a new music video only to people who follow you on Spotify.

2. Sell More Tickets

Poll your fans: Let your fans vote on your next tour stop. Get gigs by proving your audience.

Keep your fans updated: Use Hive's signup widgets to let fans sign up for updates on your tour. That way you can reach geographically relevant fans easily, by email.

Partner with the promoter: Let the venue or promoter use their social channels to push a contest giving away tickets for your show. Both parties take part in the upside (by sharing data), and more people will know about the show.

See all your fans by location: Hive indexes everyone who has ever engaged with you online. Plot these people on a map, and you've got a great data-set to determine the routing of your tour!

3. Distribute New Music

Been using Hive's marketing tools? Great - you've now got a big address book of fans to email every time you release new music.

Distributed fan base? No problem - just tag your fans based on which of your tracks they like. Stop telling your DJ fans about your singer-songwriter career.

Offer free downloads Have an extra track or remix from your upcoming album? Offer fans a free download in exchange for them sharing your new music.

Analytics Tools

Hive's powerful software goes around the internet, looking for everyone who is engaging with you online. Our analytical tools allow you to gain deep insights into your fan base, and to reach beyond it.

1) Find new fans

What do your fans look like? Use Hive to profile your fans. We'll analyze hundreds of data points on each fan to identify your average fan and look for more of them! Then, automatically target fans who look just like yours, but haven't heard your music yet.

Identify your most influential fans: Use the fan filtering to rank your fans based on social media reach. Reach out to them to leverage their influence.

Make informed PR decisions: Easily see which blogs and media outlets your fans care about, and which ones they don't.

2) Book bigger and better gigs

Prove demand to promoters: How will booking shows be different, when you already know which ones will sell out?

3) Collab with the right people

Who should you be collaborating with? See overlap with other artists in your fanbase. Let data tell you who to collaborate with, and tap into their fanbase.

Who should you get support from? Use Hive's affinity reports to see which larger artists you should be piggybacking off of.

4) Find sponsorships

Approach the right brands See which brands your fans show the most affinity to, and help those brands see which key customers you can help them acquire.

These are a few of the more obvious ways to use Hive. We can think of dozens more, and there's probably hundreds we haven't come up with yet.

We'd love to hear about the creative ways you use Hive - send an email to hello@hive.co with your success story!