Why Hive: for Agencies

In this post we talk about how booking agencies can use Hive's marketing and analytics tools to get bigger and better bookings for their artists. We also explore how agencies might discover new acts.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive - merely a few thoughts to get you going!

Analytics Tools

Hive's powerful software looks all over the Internet for your artist's fans. While it's looking, it also finds everyone who looks like those fans, but that don't yet know who your artists are. Hive gives you deep insights into your artist's audiences, how to grow them, and how to sell to them.

1) Land Bigger Bookings

Prove demand in each market: see exactly how many fans your acts have in each city, how much those fans engage, and which local influencers you can bring out.

Understand competitive demand: Use HiveIQ (coming soon!) to study demand for acts similar to yours and always know what you're up against.

2) Who Should You Sign Next?

Discover trending artists early: use Hive's affinity reports to find artists whose fan bases are growing fast. Search by genre, speed of growth, or be creative!

Marketing Tools

Our marketing tools are all about helping your artists build bigger, more engaged, and heavily monetized fan bases. We focus on campaigns that deliver high impact with low effort, and we're always on the lookout for new ideas.

1) Consistently Sell Out Shows

Run contests: give fans a chance to win tickets or awesome experiences in return for spreading the word about an event. Make sure to partner with local promoters to get their key customers on board!

Poll your fans: let your fans tell you exactly where they want to see you play. Bring real data to promoters. Email those fans directly when you play their city.

Advertise effectively: use Hive to build custom audiences. Look at your fan base's affinity report to see which pages to target when advertising online. Easily lower your cost per click.

Leverage local influencers: find local tastemakers among your fans. Treat them well to leverage their social pull!

These are a few of the more obvious ways to use Hive. We can think of dozens more, and there's probably hundreds we haven't come up with yet.

We'd love to hear about the creative ways you use Hive - send an email to hello@hive.co with your success story!