A Brand New Hive

Pull out your party hats - this one's big.

Today we launched a new data platform powering Hive. Bigger infrastructure. More data. More insight.

The result of many a late nights in our office, this is a brand new way of thinking about audience data.

Up until today, Hive's main focus has been helping you capture first-party data as followers interact with you directly via our online tools. We're now able to automatically capture data on every follower that interacts with you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and YouTube. You instantly get access to the most comprehensive look at your entire audience available across the web. If you'd like to dig into exactly what data we pull, and how, you can check out this FAQ post.

What Does This Mean to me?

In practical terms, this update means that you'll be able to:

  • View analytics on your entire audience in one place.
  • Identify your most engaged followers by network or across the entire web.
  • Find your most influential followers by location, interests, and more.
  • Create detailed, behavior based, follower profiles to target your ads and social posts at your most valuable follower segments.
  • Identify followers who are similar to yours, but don't know about you yet.
  • Get creative! What have you always dreamed of knowing about your audience?

Get Me Started!

If you already have a Hive account - just go to your dashboard, and go data-crazy!

If you're new to Hive, sign up in two minutes here.

Hive Pro

To continue investing in building a product that helps you strengthen the relationship between your brand and your audience, we’re also launching paid tiers in Hive. Our paid tiers will have advanced analytics, additional features, custom options and more. You can see further details on pricing here.